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what is Embroidery Design ?

Embroidery is the method used for decorating fabrics with a needle and a thread. This decorative stitching technique, with its varied stitches, is worked independent from the fabrics weave allowing you to embroider any design, realistic or abstract onto any fabric you choose.


  • The embroidery design involves the design of computer embroidered work in garments like sari, dress, kurti, chania choli, sherwani as well as handloom products like bed seat, sheet, sofa cover, curtain.
  • Anyone can learn embroidery design, because the design has to be made on a computer and working on a computer these days, it is very easy to learn. So let’s talk about embroidery

What is Embroidery and the benefits of Computerization?

  • Embroidery is the work done with thread on a cloth, which we know as embroidery in Gujarat. For centuries we have been doing many kinds of handicrafts on cloth like embroidery, jardoshi, chicken. All these handicrafts add four moons to Indian attire like sari, dress, kurti, sherwani.
  • Of these, embroidery work is in great demand in our country and abroad. To meet the demand for embroidery work, embroidery work machines are used, which makes the production faster and the demand can be met faster. Today in our Surat embroidery industry, sari, dress, kurti, chania choli, sherwani like garments as well as handloom products like bed seat, sheet, sofa cover, curtain are embroidered, then know what is embroidery design.
  • Embroidery design is a wonderful art embroidered on plain and plain fabrics that makes plain fabrics look beautiful. Embroidery work requires a new design every day.
  • The work that appears in the garment you are looking at is called embroidery work. In this first work is done on the cloth then garment is made. In order to do embroidery work, first the design is made on the computer, after making the design, the design is embedded in the embroidery machine and then the work is done on the fabric, making the design on the computer makes the design faster, finishing is better, because the machine is working Production also comes fast, that’s why embroidery work is one hundred percent computerized nowadays.

Job offers (scope)

  • Part time/Full time design gallery work
  • you can start your own bussiness
  • Broker & trader work
  • Startup of your bussiness by Production of design

Who can learn?

  • Embroidery Design can Learned by Student, Boys, Girl, Business People, Job Seekers, there is no need of study, and yes, at least 10th standard is required as per the demand of the time, and if you have creativity(Skill) then learning is no required.
  • There are many companies in market that value your design work, not your education. In such a company you can progress quickly.   

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