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what is Jewellery Design?

  • In jewellery cad Design, Different Design of Ring, bangles, bracelet, necklace, pendant set,  Mangalsutra, earing to be prepared on computer.
  • Anybody can learn jewelry Design on computer as learn this course on Computer is very interesting and easy.


  • Jewellery has been the hallmark of India since ancient times. Jewellery artifacts are also found in the sculptures of gods and goddesses today. From the time of King kingdom to the present day, innovation and uniqueness are seen in the design of jewellery every day. Even today jewellery has become an essential item in occasions, in which everyone has to wear something new and different from others. Not only in India, but all over the world, jewellery and its designs have fallen, which automatically indicates a huge opportunity
  • Every type of jewelry currently made, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendants, chains, mangalsutra designs are made in computer software, even if one design is made for over 7 billion people worldwide. There is a need for more than 1 billion designs every day, and there is a demand for new designs every day in design, through which many young men and women can develop art in this field and get very good employment opportunities.

What is a Jewellery design and the benefits of computerization?

  • Computerized jewellery design gives you an immediate idea of ​​what the jewellery will look like, how many grams, how many carats, how many diamonds will be needed, what size diamonds will be needed, that is, the full estimate, as well as the design. Looks like a change in look, if the budget is more than the budget set to make jewellery can be changed (improved) immediately,

  • Designing on a computer makes the design faster, the finishing is very good, the design can be changed instantly, it allows the manufacturing companies to produce as fast as they want in less time, with less labor. Creating a computerized design saves a lot of time for the jewellery makers.

Job Offers (scope)

  • Jewellery manufacturer,
  • Company 
  • Design studio

Who can learn ?

  • Jewellery Cad Design Students, Businessmen, Job seekers, Housewives Anyone can learn, there is no need to study, yes at least 10 Std. So there is no need to study.
  • There are many companies in the market that value your design work and not your education. In such a company you can progress quickly.

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