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  • Jacquard is a textile design which made by machine.
  • Jacquard design involves the creation of a jacquard design on the computer to create garments like sarees, dresses, Kurti, Chania choli, sherwani as well as products of handloom such as bed seats, sofa cover, and curtain fabric.

What is a Jacquard and the benefits of computerization?

  • Jacquard is a design fabric making machine. We have been making design fabrics for centuries. In earlier times hand weaving was done and since then till now the fabric was made in mechanical jacquard machine and still we make. Mechanical jacquards have low production as well as high design costs, as well as a lot of time wasted in changing the design, due to which people adopted electronics jacquard technology. The design can be changed as per the party’s requirement as well as the production can beexpedited and the demand can be met quickly. Today in our textile industry of Surat, garments like sari, dress, kurti, chania choli, sherwani as well as handloom products like bed seat, sofa cover, curtain fabrics are made in electronics jacquard, As well as special needle jacquard,Empress Jacquard technology has been adopted for making sari lace,So find out what a jacquard design is ?
  • Jacquard design is the wonderful art of making fabrics with designs from yarns that create fabrics. There is a need for new designs every day in fabric making.
  • The fabric of each garment you are looking at is made in an electronics jacquard, In a jacquard machine first fabrics are made then garments are made. Designs are made on those computers to make fabrics, After the design is made, the design is upload in the electronics jacquard machine and the fabrics are made, Designing on a computer makes design faster, The finishing of the fabrics is good, Production also comes faster because of the work done on the machine, That is why nowadays jacquard fabrics are made in 100% jacquard machine.

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Who is the course for?

Jacquard Design can Learned by Student, Boys, Girl, Business People, Job Seekers, there is no need of study, and yes, at least 10th standard is required as per the demand of the time, and if you have creativity(Skill) then learning is no required. There are many companies in market that value your design work, not your education. In such a company you can progress quickly.   

Learning Path

Machine Types (Electrical Jacquard, Mechanical Jacquard, Needle Jacquard, Express Jacquard)

This types of concept is made in machine (Saree, Shoot, Dupatta, Chania Bodice bud, lace, sherwani, curtains, sofa cover, seat cover, carpet)

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